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Can dogs be brought to the office?

Gefragt am 2. November 2021 von einem anonymen User

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How many days of paid vacation do you offer? Do you wish for application in English or German? Is fully remote work possible?

Gefragt am 30. September 2021 von einem Bewerber

Chiara Vilucchi, Employee Experience Partner, Bitpanda Gmbh

Antwort #1 am 30. September 2021 von Chiara Vilucchi

Bitpanda Gmbh, Employee Experience Partner

Hello, thank you for reaching out. Our paid vacation days can differ across locations. In Austria, we offer a total of 25 paid vacation days. Due to our international set-up, we require English applications. Finally, working fully remote is currently not an option at Bitpanda unless this is clearly stated in the specific job description. Good luck with your application! Chiara

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"and we add a certain amount of over pay to the monthly salaries in order to compensate for the case that in stressful times over time is necessary." Also All-in und somit als Arbeitgeber disqualifiziert.

Gefragt am 23. November 2020 von einem anonymen User

Antwort #1 am 26. Januar 2021 von einem Partner

Normalerweise sind (in großen Unternehmen) Inklusiv-Verträge ja etwas für Positionen mit Führungsverantwortung, also für "Häuptlinge" oder Halb-Häuptlinge. Aber so wie sich das hier list ist "alle Überstunden abgegolten" auch für alle Indianer gültig. Welcher einigermaßen vernünftige Indianer tut sich das an, ohne jetzt mal die mit Karriereleiter zu berücksichtigen? Stelllen sie Dich auf der Karriereleiter eine Stufe höher, dann verstehe ich es ja. Aber ohne Karriere-Leckerli sollte man einfach keine All-In-Überstunden akzeptieren. Habt Ihr Überstunden zu verschenken für nix?

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It seems there is (under the "overselling" positive surface) some real negativity? "toxic environment", "work till you drop", etc. With all these open job positions (that obviously stay vacant for a long time) and the high fluctuation already coming from the unhappy employees, is it even possible to do your work, or isn't it like you getting burned (for nothing)? Someone should really speak up internally and bring cultural change, so it's not only a positive surface but also real...

Gefragt am 1. Februar 2020 von einem anonymen User

Antwort #1 am 12. November 2020 von einem Bewerber

I can't say what are the internal problems since I didn't work there but as a candidate I can confirm the job positions are vacant for a long time, they refuse qualified personal very easily with no factual feedback (they are looking only for very cheap employees I guess since HR contacted me 2 days after I submitted my CV and I had the feeling the HR employee was really excited about my CV) and maybe these days they hope to benefit from the unemployed Corona victims which of course is not very moral and will turn against them very fast. And by the reaction to my review they also don't accept / act on any kind of criticism, answering only to positive feedback.

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