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European Crohn's and Colitis 

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Not worth it

Nicht empfohlen
Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat bis 2017 für dieses Unternehmen gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

- The employees hired

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

- Everything else
- This is an incredibly toxic place to work and it is just not worth it
- They have lost focus on what is important (i.e. the patients of CD and UC) and everything has become political
- I have come to find the worst thing about ECCO is that HR decisions are made out of pure spite and are very much connected to personal feelings rather than professional business decisions
- Employees are treated very poorly


- Listen to your employees and understand that there is a huge problem


- Horrible atmosphere in the office
- The managers do not trust any of their employees and it is shown. Every tiny little mistake is pointed out
- Employees are not free to do their work independently
- Incredibly high turnover. Well over 20 people have left in the past year alone
- People are fired for the most inappropriate reasons


- Non-existent
- CEO is too busy to respond to any emails, but deals with all HR matters, which means you never receive any response regarding important HR matters
- Emails are ignored if the managers do not like the content


- The one category in which this company is not awful
- Hire great people, which is unfortunate because these great people are treated terribly and want to leave
- Incredibly understaffed


- There isn't one
- You are expected to give up all aspects of your personal life to focus on a job that pays minimum wage
- No matter what is occurring in your life, no provisions are made and there is no flexibility
- 9 months of the year are "in red" and you can not take any days off (even a single day)
- You have a "flexitime" contract, but in reality this job is everything but flexible. The flexitime contract just means your overhours are worth less


- The communication between the boss and employees is awful and results in many issues
- Important HR decisions are made purely out of spite
- Employees are never involved in any kind of decision
- Expectations are unrealistic
- Employees are made to feel as if they owe the managers something because they have a job

Interessante Aufgaben

- The work is interesting
- However, you have no say in what tasks you do and many people find themselves doing something they are not interested in or not trained to do
- Some staff members are under huge and very unhealthy pressure due to tasks being very unevenly distributed


- There is a clear distinction between how people are treated
- People are taken advantage of

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

- There is no one above this age.


- Office is fine, but nothing special
- Compared with other offices I have seen it is very bare and cold, much like the atmosphere of the organisation itself
- Kitchen facilities are lacking and when broken are not fixed
- Office is incredibly hot in the summer which affects the ability to work


- A lot of paper wasted


- Salaries are very low for the nature of the work
- Salaries are not decided fairly
- Raises are incredibly rare, only associated with taking on more tasks (even if you are already doing the work of multiple people), and are incredibly small and not worth it


- As an employer, ECCO has a terrible image
- As an organisation it is (for now) quite good, however I imagine this will go down as more people leave and they become even more understaffed
- ECCO does not have a good relationship with many of its suppliers or its competitors


- No chances for advancement or further education opportunities
- It is a very flat structure with no where to go