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Nice first job but no long term perspective

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Last year they introduced a view of "solutions" on top of the actual dev teams that are now considered "capabilities" or "resources". This might be a nice representation for marketing purposes but it does not reflect how we work.
Overall there is an uncontrolled growth happening and too many uncoordinated projects in parallel. I think in a couple of years this "bubble" will collapse.


One key asset is the amazing office building. But I did not see much of it in the last year. Home office does work well as long as you have enough work to do but gets hard if you need help from others.


Many different channels of communication. It's a big company and everybody handles it differently. There is a lot of "Stille Post" going on. The leadership team seems not to understand what is going on. They make up marketing phrases that are in no relation with our daily work.


I haven't seen much colleagues over the last year.


Flexible times. Unless there is a red button you can always stop your work at any point.


Nice office and nice equipment. I was allowed to take a monitor and chair home for home office. VPN works good.


I don't see a chance to grow old in this company. There is too many rivalry going on among developers. Everybody is looking to step up in the hierarchy.


Interessante Aufgaben






Eva OlipitzHead of R&D People Operations

Dear colleague,

it worries us that you feel this way. The pandemic and our strong growth come with challenges for all of us. The changes we live are part of our unique culture and reflect the way we work together. We are convinced that these values make us successful as a team and as a company. The split into solutions is a strategic move - which we strongly believe in - in order to stay competitive on a long-term basis. We understand that the flow of communication is not always as transparent as we wish for it to be. That is why we constantly work on improving it.

If you wish to talk to me about your individual challenges and situation, I am happy to support your growth within Dynatrace and continuously improve the way we work with your feedback!

Eva Olipitz
Head of R&D People Operations