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Is there a possibility for home-office in Getzersdorf? What kind of various benefits available? Is the work-life in balance? (flexible working hours, home-office)

Gefragt am 4. Februar 2019 von einem anonymen User

Antwort #1 am 11. Februar 2019 von einem Mitarbeiter

Dear poster of question #1 Thank you very much for taking your time and writing to us on kununu. We offer the opportunity to do a certain amount of home office days per month. This is depending on your job (not possible e.g. for receptionists or shift workers in the production) and on the approval of your superior (on certain days or during certain periodes home office may not be possible as your physical presence in the office is required). With regards to various benefits we offer competitive remuneration packages. This may include (depending on your position/role and your/the company's performance): personal bonus, profit participation bonus, extraordinary bonus, notebook, mobile phone, company car, accident insurance, participation in our sports & activity program, internal and external company events, participation in international fairs/conferences/congresses, internal and external training and development activities, subsidized food in our cantinas in Getzersorf and Tulln,... For those colleagues not doing shift work, we offer flexible working hours with a defined core time. With regards to work-leisure time balance, this is for sure a very personal percepton of each employee. Generally speaking I would say, there is a good balance. But yes, there are times where more engagement may be required from you, but there are also times where it is more quiet. Normally, people are able to take time off, when they need it. Taking vacations of two to three weeks in a row at least once a year is normal - not the exception. Still you will have to deliver your performance in your working time. Hopefully we where able to give you a bit of an insight into ERBER Group. Best regards Birgit Leitner Employer Brand Manager ERBER Group

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