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Nice company! Good products, great people, great bosses!

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Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

In general good atmosphere and personally super nice people. Work fields are also interesting and being open towards homeoffice is a good idea

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Sometimes we should question us and our opinions a bit more, but that's just a minor thing


As said, salaries need to be adjusted a bit in order to keep up with the market. Managers, heads and leads need to trust experts more sometimes, since they're deeper in certain topics. But I think Meister is going into a very good direction and it could potentially be the actual best company around soon.


Atmosphere is good in general. Employees are super nice and also most heads and leads. The founders and C-Levels are personally super nice, to be fair. Future plans are ambitious, as in many companies, and some people feel, they cannot keep up with the required performance. To be fair, managers try to help individuals as good as they can.


In general communication is very good and everyone puts a strong focus on that. We use several easy-to-use tools, we have quite some regular meetings, internal workshops etc. in order to align better.


Absolutely great. People are awesome.


Actually quite good. Meister doesn't want you to work more than your 38,5 hours/week. But often people work more on a regular basis, just to catch up with all the tasks. This is not seen or regarded yet - there's no realistic solution in contracts or in the salary, which is not cool.
To be fair Meister puts a strong emphasis on not disturbing your free time, as well as weekends, holidays etc.


- Founders and C-Levels are personally super nice and smart
- I think they really care about employees, but of course everyone has personal opinions and taste, that sometimes not everyone share
- They actually work hands-on on several tasks with you (depending on the department)
- They hear feedback and also let people know that they heard feedback. They're also quite fast in actually changing things.

To consider:
- Sometimes I'd wish for being a bit more open towards unpopular topics (salaries, delegation from management etc.)
- Naturally they sometimes have strong opinions on things. Don't get me wrong, they're super smart, but sometimes I'd wish for a little more dialog with specific experts and trust (!) I guess a few issues could have been avoided this way.
- I guess the bigger the company gets, the less C-levels can actually know about every single employee. I personally feel, that sometimes they have opinions on someone, even though they cannot know much about their every-day successes, engagement, etc. So I'd suggest to trust managers even more, who are much closer to single employees.

Apart from that, you'll never find better bosses!

Interessante Aufgaben

For me definitely! Also I was always free to choose what I wanted to work on and where I saw the biggest potential


Would say yes. I don't see that women are treated differently in any sense. We have women in our teams, as leads and as heads. Parental leave is no problem

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

No problem so far, but the absolute majority of employees is quite young. Mostly between 25 and 35. Everyone is included in everything, but of course the company is "young" and you can see that with internal events, team events, etc.


Perfect I'd say. You can choose your own laptop, keyboard, headphones etc. - of course within a certain frame. Desks, chairs and lighting is very good.


I'd say we're very open-minded in that sense, partly we pay for planting trees, but we could probably do more


That's very individual and I only know about myself and a few others. As a matter of fact, my salary has always been below my market value or some market average, as I turned down offers from other companies with a much higher salary. I obviously didn't take those offers for other reasons, but in terms of payment, the competition is very strong. Of course Meister wants to be a company which is able to beat the competition on all levels. On many levels they can actually do that, but for me not yet on the salary field.

I think they know about that point and I'm sure they take it serious. Only question is whether they dare to make necessary adjustments to catch up with the market.

To be fair, Meister pays for your public transport card and you have great team events and they pay for trainings (!) etc. I mean quite some companies have that, but maybe not to THAT extend.


Meister has a clear and good image about themselves, which is fair. They do a lot of things right, but I sometimes miss the realistic view on things. Look, products, processes, communication, etc. are really great, but there are also problems and issues, just like in every other company. Sometimes we have to question things more and take things more serious in order to react better and faster.
BUT we're improving things constantly and I guess that is super important as well.


Is there. They support trainings and pay for them. Climbing up the carrer ladder is possible and supported, but only if the founders have a good view on you. If they have an opinion on you, it's hard to change. As said I'd expect more neutrality here


RabeaHead of People & Culture, Meister

Thank you for being part of Meister and for taking the time to share your experience. We really appreciate it! It’s great to hear that you’re enjoying our friendly and collaborative environment. We would like to address your point regarding wages, so that we can support you better. We strive to create an environment where everybody feels comfortable to share their feedback freely and openly inside the company, not via an external site, and we’re sorry that at least in your case we have failed in doing so.  If you would like to bring up your thoughts more specifically and in person, please feel free to reach out to me or Till, our People and Culture team or your direct lead. If you prefer to do that anonymously, don’t hesitate to explain your concerns in greater detail in the next employee happiness survey. The People and Culture team is dedicated to continually making improvements to keep our employees happy and productive! With your help, we will certainly continue to improve in the future.
Thank you again! - Michael, Co-Founder, Meister

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