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  • 14.Jan. 2015 (Geändert am 20.Jan. 2015)
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The job was advertised in English, so I'm writing in English. I applied in December and received an immediate response requesting a telephone interview for January because the recruiting process was on pause during the holiday season. On the day of the interview, the interviewer, who said that she would call me, did not call; I also received no notice by email that the interview was canceled or rescheduled. I received no response to an email that I sent asking to reschedule. I eventually reached the interviewer by telephone; she sounded surprised and embarrassed, and offered to reschedule for the day after. On that day, the day of the rescheduled interview, she wrote me to cancel, saying the position had been filled. For whatever reason, the job ad is still on the website.

Either she forgot about our appointment and my application, which would indicate incompetence, or she was trying to avoid me because she had already hired someone for the position, which would indicate dishonesty. Either way, it's best not to expect too much from Therefore.

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