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I love working in, with and for this company.
After years of very little progress, change and possibilities to contribute to the companies future, the atmosphere now provides opportunities for everyone to contribute. The hierarchy is very flat and the new leadership is trying to give more responsibility to every individual employee. Of course, some employees also worry about these changes but in my experience, everyone is asked to express his/her concerns. The leadership is reachable to everyone and very responsive.


Still not the best as things are sometimes communicated "quick & dirty", but this is mainly because they are trying to be transparent and reactive. Maybe a second thought about the receivers might help.


Collaboration and connection between the colleagues is great and a big plus in this company. I never had the feeling that anyone has a hidden agenda or went behind my back.


The company gives me the flexibility to allocate the work as I need. If the workload is too big, they are keen to find suitable solutions for everyone.


Leadership is trying to lead a boutique agency into becoming a renown consulting firm. The change is quick, but with the openness and fairness that I experience by my leaders, I'm more than happy.

Interessante Aufgaben

I nearly ever have a day where I don't enjoy doing to work


More female employees and leaders should be a goal


Offices are not fancy but fit for purpose


Not what you can earn at the big 5, but more ok and balanced with other ways of recognition.


At my client, ARCONDIS is known for high-quality work with a lot of expertise.


The company invests a lot in training of their employees if it aligns with the companies strategy.

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