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Good place for new talent

Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung bei Arcondis AG in Reinach gearbeitet.

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See above.

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See above.


See above.


Very good. Of course in the upper ranks it is a battlefield - but that is expected for a consulting company or any other company in general.


Mediocre - Most of the times it is good but sometimes not. E.g. two holidays got cut by just sending an email - then later on reinstated. But I can see a somewhat upward trend.


Best Ive ever worked with. The highworkload periods forges the team together eventhough sometimes you are annoyed at each other :D. Always a friendly atmosphere where y ou can approach anyone whatever his position. Biggest plus point for Arcondis!


Reall dependent on project phases. Sometimes a wild ride. Consulting itself is well - consulting. You sometimes have to work really hard (e.g. final weeks of a project) there the worklife balance is on hold for some time. But that is honestly part of consulting itself. On the other hand you have a lot of flexibility and can work whenever you want to. It is just not a 9-5 job.


Very dependend on the superior.. some are good some are mediocre but they all care atleast for their employees in their own way. It is very individual. Me personally I am on a good level with most :).

Interessante Aufgaben

If you are lucky there can be VERY interesting projects. Projects can be very strategic like other "textbook" big4 projects. But can also be very boring software implementations :D. As a junior you dont really have a say in where you get staffed, but as you get more contacts within the company and proactivly approach people and communicate your intestest you increase you chances of getting staffed properly. But well project standard is on par with industry standard. Dont actually see a lot of potential to improve it - it is just the way it is.


We now have a diversity squad which raises the topic of having more females in the leadership team and generelly as we are still under par. So moving in the right direction. BUT In my experience the female collegues are most of the time way more qualified then the male counterparts! (:P)

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Cant really judge but I see no issues.


Offices in Reinach are at least mediocre. It is in the middle of nowhere and not good connected. They should move the offices to a more approachable stop somewhere in basel. BUT again as a consultant you are really rarely at the offices but rather at the client site (atleast in pre Covid times) so it doesnt matter much. Anyway you get a free iPhone :D.




The salary expecially for juniors is rather low - but promotions are also very fast to an acceptable level. The problem here is at it is no 9.5 job, it should be rewarded more than regular industry jobs. That is also why a lot of consultants generelly change after Arcondis to the industry. Arcondis needs to set better incentives to keep the high talents. This may have been one of the reasons for high fluctuations. With the newCEO two additional holyday are back which were cut last year - the Leadership does listen to its employees but more could be done. More Benefits even some small ones would be appreciated. I mean we get special christmas presents and (pre covid) a lot of free afterwork drink partys :) BUT I mean in the end we are there for the money.


Currently viewed partly as bodyleasing company partly strategic. We want to move more in the direction of the latter, efforts are going on but we really need to push this.


The freedom to delevop yourself in whatever direction you want to. You can change as you wish the department you are in - very nice. You get a lot of trust instatly from your superiors. Flat hierachies, and this is no bussword. Every cosultant has a say and is on the same level. Juniors are valued and can talk to senior consultants face to face without restritions. Of course every one has a superior but it doesnt get more flat that the model there is currently. The collegues are very helpfull and also very insightful. For a consulting company there are quite some SMEs from whom you can learn a lot.


Dear colleague
Sincere thanks for the balanced, fair and constructive review. We really appreciate your feedback! In the recent time of transformation for Arcondis, it's naturally that we make mistakes, but always with the good intent for Arcondis and our colleagues. We are more than happy to course-correct based on the feedback from our people.

Looking forward to our further collaboration partner!


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