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Dynamic and fun place to work. Completely transformed by the new management team..

Führungskraft / ManagementHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung bei Arcondis AG in Basel gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Inspiring, authentic and honest leadership. The possibility to share in the financial success of the company. The flat hierarchy. The encouragement to be entrepreneurial and self organising. The exciting plans for growth and development.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Nothing at all.


Arcondis is a really exciting place to work right now. It was an inspiring decision to move to Main Campus and sets us up perfectly for future growth. Looking forward to the move!


Great place to work, lots of smart, fun and friendly colleagues.


At the beginning of the year the communication did not keep pace with the change. But it's way better now, regular updates, easy access to senior management, town halls, very easy to get whichever info you need.


very good. lots of company funded social events, e.g. after work drinks, summer party, NY party etc. very easy to get to know everyone, good sense of trust and friendship.


excellent. you can work from wherever makes sense, office, client site or work from home. weekends are my own time and no expectation to be "on" all the time.


flat hierarchy, good access to the senior management who are typically available and happy to answer any and all questions.

Interessante Aufgaben

excellent range of clients and projects, especially since the new sales approach introduced in 2020


everybody is treated equally and fairly, promotion is based on merit and performance

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

older colleagues are very well respected and appreciated. the annual vacation for employees 50 and over has just been increased from 25 to 30 days.


Excellent. Nice office, free drinks and snacks, good equipment and infrastructure. Good support from the corporate functions e.g. HR, IT support etc


could probably do more here


not the highest paid in the industry but that's more than offset by the great colleagues, work environment, challenging projects, company bonus model and the authentic mission "we make healthcare better"


Overall good reputation in the life sciences industry. The old image was "old" and traditional but it has been transformed this year, the new website and corporate identity was launched last week, it's excellent.


there is a training budget for each service line. trainings are approved on an ad-hoc and as needed basis.


Many thanks for your positive feedback! I really appreciate it and I look forward to continuing the adventure with you :)

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