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Avoid at all costs

Nicht empfohlen
Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich Produktion bei Arcondis AG in Reinach gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

The interesting clients and their projects, if you are lucky enough to land one.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

The way Senior Management team behaves (also those who recently joined or where promoted, suddenly start to talk the same way), with complete disregard for integrity and anything else than chargeability/profitability.
The current fear-based culture as well as the fact that those who belong to the in-crowd get promoted, despite clearly lacking the skills to have a leadership-role.


Exchange Senior Management to get more empathic people in the team, pay the consulting workforce a market relevant salary, focus less on profitability but instead weigh the pros and cons of taking away benefits.
Actually do something with the feedback that is given instead of just ignoring and posting hollow replies to reviews on this site that everything should be discussed internally. If that were really the case, the negative reviews would not pop up here. It is the only way people feel they can be heard.


Within a year, the new senior management team has transformed the company culture into one of cold profitability, fear and mistrust. Avoid at all costs! If this review helps even one single person to avoid the trap of signing a contract with this company, it has been worth my time.


Absolutely the worst. Changes are not communicated clearly, timely and effectively. The changes have a negative impact on anyone below Senior Management-level and are consistently sugarcoated in a load of corporate speak, as if the workforce is not smart enough to handle the truth. Feedback is asked but not well received. Being critical can hamper your career. See also below.


Colleagues in the consulting workforce tend to stick together and are actively helping each other on projects. However, due to the new company culture, acknowledgement for the work that has been done by younger team members is no longer given. Instead, people in middle management are likely to take credit for other people's work in hopes of getting promoted.


If you want to get paid a market-conform salary, forget work-life balance. Firstly, there is the client where you are expected to work at least 100% of your time and if you want to make a career internally, expect more on top. Do not fall for anything else that might be told in an interview.


'Do as I say, don't do as I do' sums it up nicely.
Fear-based. On sites like Kununu the replies to negative reviews are 'to come to the Senior Management with feedback' but if you do, the phrase 'If you do not like it, there is the door is' is what you will hear. This effectively stops people from speaking up.
No integrity whatsoever e.g. pushing all consultants to book as many hours on clients, even if it is only marginally relevant to the work you were hired to do. Chargeability is king.

Interessante Aufgaben

Very much project-dependent, therefore not consistently interesting.


No women in the senior leadership team says it all. Despite being marketed as a Swiss company, lots of internal jobs are near-shored to Slovenia. And most consultants are from Germany.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

If you are getting older, profitability decreases and therefore an individual solution can be found. Demotion is actually possible as of now.


Repetition: avoid at all costs! If this review helps even one single person to avoid the trap of signing a contract with this company, it has been worth my time.
Cold focus on profitability; short notice periods so people can be dismissed fast. If you are not chargeable within your notice period, be wary.
Bonus payout at the sole discretion of the Senior Management; be wary


None, unless there is profit to be made. Covid measures were a laugh.


Very much below market average. Bonus payout is at sole discretion of Senior Management. The bridge day after Ascension has been cut (silently at first), this used to be a small benefit but is not profitable enough so now it is a vacation day to take.
Overtime is not paid out but instead accrued into a pot which has to be taken as mandatory vacation if a consultant is not staffed on a project.


Not salvageable despite a flashy new website and color scheme.


The promised budget for training has been cut under the welcome guise of COVID-19, and now only approved if it is profitable (i.e. the rate at which a consultant can be sold to a client can be improved). Individual interests are not relevant, unless they are growth and profit.