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  • 06.Mai 2015
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  • 01.Mai 2015
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Chrismas money


The salary is too low, not enough for the duties you have, for the stress you need to manage on the phone, for the languages you need to switch and of course for a city as expensive as Munich.Basic salary netto is approx EUR 1400. The room is too loud as there are no shields for protecting you from the sound of the other voices, the environment is after all not clean with this horrendous moquette ( very dangerous in case of fire ) which should be disinfected, but I have never seen anyone doing it. The is no canteen, therefore you need to have your own food or buying it outside; speaking of this, you will get passlunches after one year you work here, you get 10 passes for month, on which you also need to pay the taxes. During a meeting with one higher position, one of our collegue was answered that you get one every two working day, which I find it unacceptable as a reply, I mean: we should eat with 3 Euros here in Munich?Great!Moreover, as far as I am concerned in a moth there are 20 - 21 working days... There are some people here who are just hanging around doing god knows what and taking cigarettes breaks every 30 minutes, but of course they are not working in the call center. The chance of changing department is very low and if you get it, the salary is even lower, but of course you have no stress. Shifts are not planned good and as workers are not enought, in some hours you hardly get even the time to get to the toilet. Although this year they did an interview with every worker of the call center ( to give us a motivation ) nobody talked about increasing the salary, rather to increase the sales on the phone. Supervisors are under a lot of stress and of course they don't always have the time to answer our problems

  • 01.Mai 2015
  • Mitarbeiter


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