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Average experience as a software developer

Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat im Bereich IT bei BurdaForward GmbH in München gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Home office possibilities, work life balance, working conditions, office parties, many many great colleagues

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Already written above


Looking at the salary structures in the company will help, also the management style is not similar across the board. While some managers do fight for their people, a lot of the others just do not care.


Awesome colleagues, awesome office, and really really nice home office policies during the pandemic. The transformation was not the best time but still within my team and among my colleagues, working condition was good and remained very cordial till the end.


Extremely balanced work life culture. Never had any problems if I wanted to take a short walk or had an appointment during work hours. I could just drop a note to my colleagues and do my work. As long as you finish your tasks, no one will ask you to work during certain hours or be present. Working time is very flexible.


As mentioned before, I did not see too many people in this company who were senior to me whose positions I would aspire to have in the future. Unfortunately as a software developer, I do not think I could build my career here without changes in the higher level management.


The salary numbers are not the best in this company. It is not competitive based on market standards, not even close to what software developers made outside. But yes, you will have the work life balance and flexible work hours. So there will be choice that needs to be made.


Awesome colleagues. Very understanding and caring atmosphere.


Was not the very best for me. Specially being a technical resource, I lacked senior people I could speak with in the company. Most of their management is from the business side only, they lack technical leadership.


Latest laptops and mobile phones, during the pandemic we were allowed to bing in the office monitors to our homes to work. Working conditions are pretty good.


So so. Sometimes communication is a bit too top down and scattered. Also communication is in German, as a no German speaker I did feel lost sometimes although care was taken to provide sessions and translations for non German speakers but not all managers and job leads did that.

Interessante Aufgaben

Also not the very best. Again as a technical person, I always felt I was given a job to just listen and write code, not to think and contribute my ideas. My managers also had a "these technical people will just do as they are told" policy towards most of us, or atleast that was the feeling I got.



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Dear former colleague,

Thank you for your differentiated comment! We are glad that you had enough flexibility to balance work and private life and that you felt well taken care of during the pandemic.

BurdaForward is a media company with a very strong tech focus - yet we are not a pure tech company. But since this area will become increasingly important for us in the future, we are currently taking a lot of measures to set up our organization accordingly. This will certainly open up even more exciting prospects for software developers like you.

We thank you for being part of our journey and wish you only the best for the future!

Best regards