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I can not recommend this company to anyone

Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat im Bereich IT bei Comparus GmbH gearbeitet.


One day is good, another day is disastrous. There is no stability. Colleagues only among themselves pronounce a bad feeling in the company, but not to the bosses. The bosses are praised by those who have been working with them for decades and who owe themselves personally to something more than i know. It was very sad to look at colleagues from it trainee progam. They are given tasks that are not at all suitable. I was personally told not contentment when they forced me to do work, such as ironing curtains, drilling holes in walls, renovating rooms. I think in such a company, contractors should do this. I can’t imagine that the company didn’t have money for it


There is no communication at all. If you communicate, you can see the bad mood.


Colleagues rallied in their small groups.


What is in this company? They don’t know this. During my career I can say that this company does not know this.


A very hot topic in this company. Colleagues have fear from superiors. This is very noticeable in meetings. Supervisors can not do with criticism. Very conservative behavior from my point of view. If the superiors didn’t like you, they let their behavior know not directly, I also consider this more than mob. The superiors talk about the personal problems of colleagues face to face, I can confirm this personally, which I think is unacceptable.

Interessante Aufgaben

For me there were interesting tasks that I myself created


A lot of recycled hours. Holidays are not signed for a long time, while other colleagues get their vacations without problems. These are mostly direct colleagues from superiors


Is ok for me




Liebe/r ehemalige/r Kollegin/e,

herzlichen Dank, dass Du dir für so ein umfassendes Feedback Zeit genommen hast. Ich schätze das sehr und danke Dir für Deine Offenheit.

In meiner Rolle als People and Culture Manager, die bei Comparus etabliert wurde, arbeite ich gemeinsam mit allen Kollegen daran, unsere Zusammenarbeit und das Miteinander stetig zu verbessern. Ich nehme dabei im gesamten Team sehr viel Engagement und positives Feedback wahr. Schade, dass ich Dich für diese Arbeit nicht mehr gewinnen konnte.

Daher freue ich mich sehr, wenn Du mich kontaktierst und wir über Deine Enttäuschung auch noch mal persönlich sprechen. Gerne vorab per E-Mail unter: i.schwiderski@comparus.de

Herzliche Grüße,

Irina Schwiderski
People and Culture Manager