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Arrangement of the interview in question.

Bewerber/inHat sich 2017 bei GE Germany in Frankfurt am Main als Product Service Engineer beworben und eine Absage erhalten.


Firstly invited to an interview via WebEx technology. The process was managed from an employee in Hungary. Received a Mail pretending that i was not reached on phone although i was near the phone and it dialed too shortly from Hungary as if someone didn't even want to call. Then the message was inviting to an interview in a date which coincided with a day-off in Germany! The second appointment was coinciding with a date on which the manager interviewer was having a private day-off.. so delayed a second time and waited until having a confirmation of the proposed Date to have access to the connection link of the video-conference. The message of confirmation came late a night before and confirming an appointment the next day. Even the position of the interviewers was written mistaken!
Any way, i accepted the deal. The chosen way of communication was unexpected and, in my opinion, not reasonable because usually the interviewer should himself call the interviewee specially in the case of phone, international calls. This struggle was not understandable and not known to some interviewers so they quit the session quickly.
Whenever we managed I and the remaining person to handle the interview. Pragmatism shall, the american way, win over stuck to process and that what happened effectively, and so we had the interview. Honestly the questions were posed in place but affirming that the person who shall decide already quit so i couldn't have further information. But affirmed was that i am still in run and that my application is very interesting which i believe was the case.
After that nothing heard or received about the outcome of that process.
But the question remaining is why the interview so badly managed?


  • Usual questions: why this position, about my person and gathered skills.. Well i believe the judgement in such a circumstance is not in his best and judgement should be qualified to evaluate and judge specially when it concerns foreign languages skills. But globally the remaining interviewer found his way.
  • no big deal, the choice of the position and one technically oriented question, also about the time since last job.

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