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Gini GmbH Erfahrungsbericht

  • 15.Okt. 2018
  • Bewerber
  • Mit Arbeitgeber-Kommentar

A company that doesn't have a direction... it's no wonder they have been looking for a manager for over 3 months!



  • Lead a team
  • I felt I was over-qualified for the job, but was hoping that they would recognise the need to have someone like me to guide their team. I also felt that the only person competant to interview me was the CEO. One person had zero recruiting experience, and the other only several months!


Know what you want. Be transparent; if you can't a certain amount, don't be ashamed to say it... you're still a start up.

Don't have people with only several months experience in Recruiting judge someone with 14+ years... very bad!

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    Gini GmbH
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    Head of Recruiting
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Kommentar des Arbeitgebers

Dear applicant, Thanks for your honest feedback. I am sorry to hear that you had a negative experience while applying at Gini. You sound frustrated and convey the feeling that you didn’t get appreciated - which is far away from our own standards. We try to give everyone at Gini - employees, customers as well as applicants - the best possible feeling. In fact, with ‚Love' being one of our four core values, we strive to make every interaction with our company a great one. I hear that you have been disappointed with not being treated the way you deserve, and we will take your feedback seriously and make sure your voice is heard when reviewing our entire interview process. We know that declining candidates is a tough moment, and we always try to call candidates to convey the negative decision personally, rather than sending out a standardized e-mail. In your case, my colleagues told me that we couldn’t reach you a couple of times - and then decided to let you know about the decision via e-mail in order for you to be informed promptly (this might have been a mistake in hindsight). Also, I have been told that you accepted the offer to get more detailed feedback, and later had a prolonged phone call with one of our recruiters. I am sorry that despite the attempt to explain our rationale, you did not feel treated adequately. Regarding our recruiters, I believe we have a different view on them and their professionalism. It is true that my colleagues do not have 14 years of experience - but I also do know their level of interviewing, and I do not share your opinion. I have led many interviews jointly with them and know what kind of feedback they receive from other candidates. I would have wished that you also get to experience their skills and rate the candidate experience as positively. I wish you all the best for your future career and hope that you will soon find the working environment where you can deploy your expertise and strengths. Best, Steffen

Steffen Reitz
Gründer & CEO