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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly! Welcome at HRS: an unhealthy company

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Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich Finanzen / Controlling bei HRS Group in Köln gearbeitet.


People people people!
That is the only good thing in the company, smart and young people eager to work in the travel industry.
If HRS had a respectful and fair way of treating people, HRS would already be number one.


Definitely the Good


Fear produced from the Top comes down to the management, which drives Managers ( the Ugly) to take unhealthy decisions. Some will never be on the side of the team but are working at their own path looking for power and recognition, without having any knowledge of the business.
Finance is everything except a respected and autonomous department.
Only the Top ( the Bad ) is taking decisions. Known across the company for its disrespectful and snobbish attitude towards other, fear is the only way how the Top Management understands how people shall be managed. And some lower ranked managers are taking this attitude as an exemple all accros the Company.
In other firm, after there years in a row not giving a bonus to its employee, the Top Management would be changed, problem here, the Top Management owns the company....


HRS used to have legendary Christmas party. One of the only good thing about this company has been cut off...


CSR-washing once a year for the image. Still definitely better than doing nothing.
But maybe HRS shall start taking care of its own employee first. Just a thought


Never seen the colour of a Bonus.
At HRS, bonuses are like Santa Claus:
it does not exist but everybody wants to make you believe in it, taking you for a fool


Invest in people? What for?! They are leaving...
Especially there is no plan for dedicated finance training.




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