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PERFECT PLACE FOR YOU (if you're cheap and have low self respect)

Nicht empfohlen
Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich IT bei IBM Client Innovation Center Germany GmbH in München gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

The word 'IBM' as part of 'IBM Client Innovation Center' name. Does the trick in the CV.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

CIC pretends to be something else.
Brainwashes young, unexperienced individuals to spread their old fashioned legacy.


Embrace your identity as a cheap service provider and search for your fit target, stop selling donuts


If you're assigned in a project, which usually is part of IBM Deutschland, not CIC, you can call yourself lucky/(i)er than the others.

As a CIC employee working in IBM projects, you get the chance to do the crappy tasks, the better paid IBMers don't fancy.

The people that somehow land on bench (not assigned to a project) and don't produce money for CIC. are on thin ice. A more or less polite - 'FIRE' or 'WARNING' situation is on the way. Unless an open position exists,ANY kind of position, and you're ok with accepting anything.


There is some email sent once in months.


On the same level, people are usually nice, but CIC people work with IBMers more, the concept doesn't quite exist for CIC.


There is flexibility in the schedule.

The required amount of effort is huge compared to the payment and is never enough, but it's up to you to manage your life balance.


The solution/answer to everything is 'Contact your manager', they always say they are there to help.
This until you actually contact your manager. Then you're a party popper and you're marked as 'problematic'.
Also, what if the concern is actually related to the manager?!

The management palette is very diverse, which might sound as a positive thing, but in this case is not.
Many people take this responsibility due to lack of other ways/options to advance.
You can even get an early graduate as your manager. When you're so young, you're easily flattered by the 'manager' title and your ego grows exponentially. That person is supposed to 'coach' you in your career and more importantly, has been invested with the power to decide your SALARY, your EMPLOYMENT STATUS (employed/unemployed), everything.

Interessante Aufgaben

They exist in IBM, but are not for CIC.


I guess it's OK if you're a:


Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

neutral, nothing to say about this topic


- buy your own laptop bag
- took months to get a phone
- i avoid using the laptop i got from CIC, i cannot live with that automatic processes, that uses almost 100% CPU. IT Support said is something managed by the company and we all need to accept that.


neutral, nothing to say about this topic


CIC's purpose is to provide CHEAP services to IBM. It's bussines.

GOOD NEWS - a promotion process exists and it is very simple:

1.Sell your soul (for free)
2.Feed your manager's ego
3.Repeat 2. forever

Tipp: Don't be silly and try the 'decent' way. Go to 1.


CIC (IBM Client Innovation Center) is not IBM !!

You may find CIC jobs advertisements posted under 'IBM Deutschland' cover. Read CAREFULLY!!

CIC is known internally by IBMers.

When the IBMers interview the CIC candidates, they're never happy with the quality, they would rather pay external candidates more than dealing with CIC. And if the position is not worth a decent payment level, the CIC candidate becomes an option.


It may be attractive to students, that are willing to invest their resources for a sandwich a day and 'IBM' word in their CV.

For professionals, there are no options, there is only one way out.


Dear colleague,

at IBM CIC, we live a culture of open feedback. With your statement "low self respect" you show little appreciation for your almost 400 colleagues. With their individual skills, competencies, and knowledge, they make our IBM CIC a place of value-creating teams in flat hierarchies, with common purpose, customer orientation and continuous learning.

From your statement, I would like to pick up on three points:
This is where the needs of three stakeholders, employee, customer, and CIC meet. The project you enter is not always the "project of choice". But your Career Coach and you will work together to find solutions to best unite the different interests.

Career Coach Behavior:
In IBM CIC we speak of "Career Coaches". The Career Coach takes on different roles depending on the situation, e.g. as an advisor, process facilitator, etc.
Our Career Coaches go through a structured, IBM wide leadership development program, independent of their "seniority level"/affiliation to the IBM CIC. Appointment and assumption of responsibility is based on objective criteria and individual motivation. Regular training's, best practice calls, experienced mentors as well as other formats are part of the continuous learning plan of our Career Coaches.

As an IBM CIC, we explicitly cover the areas of software development and testing as well as related areas of responsibility. We work closely with other IBM companies and are part of the global IBM network.

The best way for us to improve is through constructive feedback: As concrete as possible (precise instead of generalizing), descriptive, factual, no moral condemnation. Your first point of contact is your Career Coach. In addition, other communication channels are open to you, such as HR, buddies, our regular surveys, and colleagues. Use them.