MBition GmbH als Arbeitgeber

MBition GmbH

A great place to work, not your ordinary start-up!

Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich Personal / Aus- und Weiterbildung gearbeitet.


Talentend and friendly people all around, overall a relaxed and positive working atmosphere. I really enjoy coming to work to see all the friendly faces (of humans and dogs ;)). Employees are valued and can contribute their ideas. I feel like the company values are truly lived on a daily basis.


Open and pretty straightforward communication via different channels, meetings held on a regular basis, so that you're always up to date.


As a new employee you immediately feel welcome and integrated. Everyone is very friendly and eager to help.


Flexible working hours, Home office, remote work: the company puts a great emphasis on a healthy work-life-Balance. My supervisor told me first thing that it's about working smart rather than working long hours and that your recognition does NOT come from overtime. In case I struggled to get the job done during my regular working hours, I can always reach out and discuss how we can better distribute/prioritze tasks.


Great support & guidance from my supervisor. Regular feedback sessions & meetings, we are working closely together and I am free to ask for help or talk openly about struggles. I feel very valued and well cared for.

Interessante Aufgaben

Your personal strenghts and interests are being considered when it comes to distributing tasks. Your can always contribute your own ideas and specialize in a field you are passionate about (with different career paths and a special program)


The team is very diverse, there are many different nationalities and backgrounds !


Fantastic location (especially in the summertime), stunning building and offe space *-*, kitchen with a great coffee machine on every floor (sometimes even two), meeting rooms, quiet rooms for calls, comfy corners to relax and meet, great equipment, basically everything you need to feel motivated and productive :)!


...is not the main focus, but some efforts are made (waste separation, energy saving etc.)


There could be more social benefits, but the salary is competitve (I would say even above average) and there are additional great (health and transportation) benefits. There is also a yearly salary review process


Subsidiary company of Daimler with start-up atmosphere - what could be better?


Different career opportunities, trainings and a development program. Overal a strong emphasis on learning and development.

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