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Ideal application process

Bewerber/inHat sich 2015 als Protein Bioinformatics beworben und eine Absage erhalten.


In general, very pleasant atmosphere and conversation, both by phone and on-site.
Everybody seem very enthusiastic and motivated to be there. The team is international, so we could speak English the entire time, as they often do on a daily basis, and they were very friendly and open in our conversations.
I initially applied in August, but due to summer vacations and holidays did not get a response. I emailed around the end of September to ask about the job and re-apply. The answer came back within 2 weeks. Ever since that initial contact, response times of answers and clarifications were very quick (0-3 days), and the entire process - one phone interview and one on-site interview -was done in another 2 weeks.
Even after my rejection, I asked a few more questions by email which were answered kindly and quickly.
The application process was rather transparent the entire time. An estimate for the duration of each interview was given, as well as who will interview me, a rough schedule for the visit and what is expected of me to prepare.


  • The spirit of the asked questions:
  • Relate my studies and past experience to the skills needed for the position I applied to: this was covered both in the phone interview, and to a larger extent in a 20 minutes personal presentation I was asked to give during the 2nd interview.
  • Reason for changing from my former career path
  • Interest in leadership positions
  • Questions about teamwork, when someone makes a mistake / when something goes wrong.

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