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Great combination of hands-on software development and trusting family atmosphere!

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Simply an amazing company culture. Obviously, no employer is perfect but if there is any improvement point you find, Netlight takes it seriously and helps you out!


Albeit Netlight is no start-up anymore, it preserved a great start-upy atmosphere. From day 1, you feel part of the family and it seems that the company's aim to hire people you want to work but also hang out with is successful. Furthermore, there is a lot of freedom in how you work. All relies on trust, not on hierarchies or rules.


As work time e.g. is based on trust, you can basically shape your work-life balance yourself. Working hours definitely keep to the amount written in the contract +/-3 from time to time - but thats always your choice!


Personal development is another core competency of Netlight. Be it with Coaches, mentors, buddys.. or the whole community itself, there is always feedback in reach and also mandatory!


Very good salary + special company culture, great amount of mentoring and health programs!


Nice! Many initiatives by the company such as CO2 certificates, community projects or monthly donations to environmental projects for each employee.


Great, I found many friends while working at Netlight! As recruitment puts special emphasis on the individual fit of every talent and the company's culture which makes it an amazing while diverse bunch of people!


No classic bosses - Netlight s low hierarchy model is special and works!


One of Netlight's core values is transparency. Be it your development, feedback or salary, communication is very open and fair.


Another core value of Netlight is DEI: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion. With among the highest percentage of women and non-binary in tech, Netlight really does a lot to hold its promise!

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Netlight has a very broad and diverse set of clients, projects and tasks. Due to project based working, you can switch easily when you develop into another direction!
As a network company with offices all over Europe, Netlight has a great knowledge which is shared amongst employees to an amazing extend!


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