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NTT Germany AG & Co. KG

It all about how good you numbers look like

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Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat im Bereich IT bei NTT Germany AG & Co. KG in Bad Homburg gearbeitet.


Nothing special, with all the changes in progress it could be worse


You are getting spammed with Marketing emails, some kind of Announcements about NTT greatness and how we need to work real Information on how we are going to achieve impossible goals set by the real answers to workers questions


It depends in which Department you are working and how bad is the Project you are involved in.


Again it depends but it is getting better, still the HR Department is kinda working more in direction of Work-Work balance ( Teilzeit /Vertraunsarbeitszeit Presentation)


I changed couple of Team Leads / Bosses over the Years and had some great and some bad experiences but generally middle management is incompetent and lacks clear focus and fresh ideas. There are couple of true Leader but the rest of them are just Drones. There is no real Plan for your personal development and they just try to keep you down in any way possible. I guess that is only thing they have learned in Management training. Lack of direct communication, no real interest in your progress

Interessante Aufgaben

For me personally it was OK. There were some interesting project and some less interesting projects but nothing special.


It is being said that we are all equal but that is not true. Begin with the salary for the same position with same qualification and same number of year of experience. Only certain people are being trained ( even if they dont need that training) go to events etc. Foreigners are often seen and treated as unskilled workforce

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Most of them are seen as burden to the Company.


Offices are really nice


Yeah they are big on marketing about it but then they all go and drive Diesel Cars....


Its is OK until they dont pay out the Bonuses ( last 4 years never paid in full or at all). It is not big deal it is Bonus but when you are talking about raise of pay or your Salary it is always included so be careful when negotiating your Salary. They change certain polices like Certification Bonuses etc...all this has negative impact on how your how much money you are actually going to earn per year.


I dont know if i am even allowed to write here what are people internally discussing about this Company


Depends on your Position / team Lead etc but generally you do have options