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    • 4,5Gehalt/Sozialleistungen
    • 5,0Image
    • 4,8Karriere/Weiterbildung
    • 4,9Arbeitsatmosphäre
    • 5,0Kommunikation
    • 4,9Kollegenzusammenhalt
    • 4,6Work-Life-Balance
    • 4,8Vorgesetztenverhalten
    • 5,0Interessante Aufgaben
    • 4,4Arbeitsbedingungen
    • 5,0Umwelt-/Sozialbewusstsein
    • 4,8Gleichberechtigung
    • 5,0Umgang mit älteren Kollegen



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Mitarbeiter nehmen bei diesem Arbeitgeber vor allem diese Faktoren wahr: Mitarbeitern vertrauen und Einsatz wertschätzen.

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Shedding light on the world's toughest challenges.

Wer wir sind

At Orbem we are shedding light on the world's toughest challenges by unleashing AI-powered imaging for everything and everyone. For us, this means developing fast, accurate, and accessible imaging solutions that reveal hidden sources of knowledge.

In everything we do, we seek to make a difference – and are developing deep tech solutions to sustainably feed the world, accelerate the transition to a green economy, and transform disease detection.

Based on years of scientific research at the interface of AI and imaging technology, Orbem was founded in 2019 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Munich. Headquartered near Munich, our top tier, international, diverse, and multidisciplinary team is imagining new frontiers every single day to build a healthy and sustainable future.

Produkte, Services, Leistungen

We create novel insights with AI-powered imaging technology – enabling businesses to solve their toughest challenges.

We are rethinking MRI to make it accessible for everything and everyone. This means to transform it from slow, expensive, and complicated to fast, accessible, and simple.

  • The Genus is fast: our AI algorithms make sense of incomplete data, allowing us to perform scans significantly faster than traditional MRI;
  • The Genus is accurate: our AI techniques can seamlessly classify thousands of MRI volumes per hour with extraordinary accuracy, augmenting human capabilities;
  • The Genus is safe: our technology is harmless and contactless, eliminating all risk of contamination, and representing an enormous advantage in terms of safety and biosecurity;
  • The Genus is versatile: our general-purpose AI systems can adapt to solve different challenges with a change in software alone, opening the door to a world of possibilities.

Perspektiven für die Zukunft

In the AI era, we design intelligent machines with superhuman vision. By going beyond the surface, we provide unique and actionable insights that enhance decision making. We have a deep conviction that AI-powered imaging systems will become an integral part of our society. This means we will be able to look inside of every egg, every battery, and every organ. And at Orbem we will be the first ones to do so at the scale and speed of industrial production.



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Was wir bieten


Die folgenden Benefits wurden am häufigsten in den Bewertungen von 13 Mitarbeitern bestätigt.

  • HomeofficeHomeoffice
  • Flexible ArbeitszeitenFlexible Arbeitszeiten
  • Mitarbeiter-EventsMitarbeiter-Events
  • Mitarbeiter-BeteiligungMitarbeiter-Beteiligung
  • ParkplatzParkplatz
  • InternetnutzungInternetnutzung
  • Gute VerkehrsanbindungGute Verkehrsanbindung
  • KantineKantine
  • Hund erlaubtHund erlaubt

Was macht es besonders, für uns zu arbeiten?

You join an ambitious team working on breakthrough technology. We offer you a plain playing field to explore and design. During your time with Orbem, we support you in discovering your strengths and defining a vision for your professional future. We hope to teach you some things, but more importantly we also want to learn from you. Be part of the change. Join us.

Wen wir suchen


We are looking for Changemakers who are passionate and purpose-driven.

We are looking for Teamplayers who seek to connect with and build upon the skills and knowledge of others to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone.

We are looking for Builders who turn big dreams into reality.

We are looking for people who fit to our values and add to our culture. Find more about who we hire here: https://orbem.ai/careers

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Was Mitarbeiter gut finden

The company provides great opportunities to build cutting edge technology with your own ideas and work. The working environment is open and healthy, and employees are really talented and motivated. The company objectives and clear, tackling real challenges and making possitive impact in the world.
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It is a great place to turn exciting ideas into reality. Open and friendly atmosphere working in a multidisciplinary team. Very organized with well-defined objectives that keep the focus and motivation.
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Orbem combines a strong sense of purpose with cutting-edge technology and a fun, dynamic working environment where everyone can contribute and grow.
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Communication inside the company is great, it makes you feel like a family member.
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The open feedback culture, the straight-forward communication and the identification of everybody with their tasks. Furthermore, the supervisor's enabling behaviour and the high trust and responsibility one gets, also as a student.
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Was Mitarbeiter schlecht finden

Wie im Start-Up Bereich üblich, herrscht eine gewisse Zukunftsunsicherheit.
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The lack of office space once more team members go back to onsite working.
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- Limited to hustlers only
- Other work perks are still taking shape
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Orbem is a startup, for the good and the bad.
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The need for office space is growing continuously with the team growing. As soon as onsite working becomes more usual again, more space will definitely be needed. Also, development-heavy positions should always get company-owned hardware (e.g. laptop).
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Mit zunehmender Größe wäre ein Wechsel der Büroräume in eigene Räumlichkeiten wünschenswert.
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Own company location with space to further grow is becoming more and more relevant.
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It would be nice to have our company space with access to a sports facility.
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You guys are doing an amazing job! Keep it up!
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Bester und schlechtester Faktor

Am besten bewertet: Image


Der am besten bewertete Faktor von Orbem ist Image mit 5,0 Punkten (basierend auf 9 Bewertungen).

Orbem has been able to achieve a very positive image in the Munich startup ecosystem because the company is working on cutting-edge technology with the potential for global impact. This image is fully aligned with daily company activities.
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The image of the company is very positive through its vision of supporting the people and the planet. This is also lived exactly this way within the company, showing transparency and real commitment to this vision.
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There is a very positive impression of the company both internally and externally. There is a lot of transparency and good communication about decisions and that keeps employees highly motivated.
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Company objectives and progress are very good motivators to keep having positive impressions and being satisfied with work.
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I have a high opinion of Orbem. We are developing high-tech technology and we do it in a good collaborative environment.
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Am schlechtesten bewertet: Arbeitsbedingungen


Der am schlechtesten bewertete Faktor von Orbem ist Arbeitsbedingungen mit 4,4 Punkten (basierend auf 10 Bewertungen).

Die Büroräume befinden sich im einen Großraumbüro in dem auch andere Start-Up Unternehmen ihre Schreibtische haben. Der Geräuschpegel ist nicht zu unterschätzen. Allerdings kann (bzw. durch Corona muss) auf das Home-Office ausgewichen werden. Eine Präsenzpflicht besteht nicht.
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At the moment, the company uses a shared working space. So, the facilities are limited. But soon, there are plans to shift to a new office of our own and things will improve for sure.
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Karriere und Weiterbildung



Karriere/Weiterbildung wird mit durchschnittlich 4,8 Punkten bewertet (basierend auf 10 Bewertungen).

Big continuous support to advance in your carrier!
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There are many possibilities on the way to help everyone develop on a personal and on a career level. As we are still young, most of them are very new, but seem very promising.
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Besides the clear career paths, everyone has personal OKRs to guide their personal development. Most importantly, the company is growing what is openning opportunities.
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Each employee can define their personal carrier development plan based on strengths and interests. Also, there is a clear and transparent system to manage promotions.
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Es gibt einen Karriereplan und neben dem jährlichen Mitarbeitergespräch und Karriereplanung auch monatliche und viertel-jährliche Karriere-Sessions
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