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Hello! My name is Ilma. I'm from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I have graduated Pharmacy High School in Bosnia. After graduation I started to study at Pharmacy University of Sarajevo. I have been finished 2 years of mentioned university. I would like to move Germany and start to work there. I speak English language and I'm enthusiastic to learn German as well. If you could kindly give me information what are the chances for me to work in your company? Regards, Ilma.

Gefragt am 10. Januar 2019 von einem Bewerber

Antwort #1 am 11. Januar 2019 von Global HR Team

Ottobock, Ottobock

Dear Ilma, Thank you for your email and your interest in our company. For full information about our company or career at Ottobock please check out our Homepage: There you can also find our vacancies and internship offer. Please apply directly online via our career portal, specifying start date, duration and your preferred area: If you can’t find the right job for you, we welcome unsolicited applications as well. We are looking forward to your application.

Antwort #2 am 5. März 2019 von einem Ex-Mitarbeiter

Hi Ilma, your chances with Ottobock will be slim, since your pharmacy background will not help. Ottobock employs usually employs people with biomechanics background.

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