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  • 28.Nov. 2018
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It was the most ridiculous interview I've ever had. My interviewer had no idea I was coming for interview - somehow it was not on his calendar. At the same time he had a meeting, so two other people had to jump in to interview me. Of course, they were not prepared.
However, their expectation on me was huge and I had the impression that I should know how everything works there before even getting the job.
At the end they said I would be a junior because I don't know the software (like what???), even though I have 6 years professional work experience. The salary was a joke and the benefits were not "wow". I didn't feel valued at all. So no thank you.

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Kommentar des Arbeitgebers

Dear Applicant, Thanks for taking your time to provide us feedback on your experience having an interview in our office. First of all: We totally understand that you are disappointed, and would like to improve our internal processes. Therefore it is important to us to understand the situation completely. Please send us further information (e.g. via mail:, so we can talk to our hiring managers and improve. Your experience does not match our standards to a valued candidate experience at all. We hope that we can revise your impression that you have on Personio. Best, Cassandra

Cassandra Hoermann
Employer Branding Manager