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A tech company transitioning into a bigger company

Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung im Bereich Marketing / Produktmanagement bei plista GmbH in Berlin gearbeitet.

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Benefits, office environment, the people

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

It's hard to pinpoint something bad, but definitely need to work on communication between departments on projects.
On a more general note keeping the existing talent in the company is something that needs improvement, the turnover-rate is not high by any means and this is a challenge that many ''grown-up'' start-ups face.


I think at this point its the little things, since the overall structure of the company is good.
- Making sure that the existing talent stays in the company and has opportunities to develop.
- Over reliance on the all-star employees of the company is also an problem, it is hard to say how to fix it though, possibly by relieving some off the work from key individuals.


The work atmosphere is very startup-esque - meaning that there is a lot of freedom and people are friendly. Company seems to be in a transition phase currently, as they have a few 4-5 year employees leaving.


Work-Balance is fair at the company, and I haven't seen anyone overworked to the bone - it is true that certain people have a lot of work on their plates, but overall with home-office being an actual option the work-life balance seems fair.


Company seems to be very involved in all kinds of social and environmental events and gives employees an opportunity to contribute during working hours - management is also participating and gives out budgets to different well-thought out projects. (Vegan lunch weekly,


Company seems to be really serious about the employee development - each employee has an development plan that is created with their manager.

Umgang mit älteren Kollegen

Older colleagues seem to be generally supportive of the new additions, of course there are exceptions everywhere, but so far haven't had a negative interaction.


Most if not all of the middle-management / executives have been at the company for a while and are focused on enabling their employees to do their work smoothly.


Standing desks, working from home, 3 screens and Lenovo laptops - what else do you want from a company, one thing I would note is that the chairs aren't the most comfortable ones though.

Besides this the company has an proper barista style coffee machine where you can foam your milk in addition to making coffee, foaming milk isn't as easy as it looks...


Communication across departments is something that requires more work, this is a case for most start-up companies once they start growing, internally there is an push to improve this.


Benefits include snacks, beverages, travel cards and the company has an partnership with an day-care for kids - I don't really know what else they could offer besides this.

Interessante Aufgaben

Especially with the advent of Programmatic Native and Plista's integration with Appnexus - there's a lot of interesting projects popping up for people interested in them, naturally there's also a lot of mundane day-to-day tasks that we all have to do, but that is the case anywhere.