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Qimia GmbH Erfahrungsbericht

  • 18.Dez. 2018 (Geändert am 29.Dez. 2018)
  • Bewerber

Impolite and disrespectful interviewer. Long and uncomfortable selection process. Very low salary offered



  • general questions.
  • They asked if was familiar with some tools Maven and JUnit and some programming languages Java, Scala, Spark
  • Workday with them: I had to bring my own laptop, install a bunch of programs and use tools I had no experience with to do some tasks I was given. Everything was a set up to make me fail and use it as an excuse to offer less money. It was an absurd and unpleasant situation; they could have just said they don't have the money I was asking for (it is a startup, I would have understood it).


It has been the worst experience I had in a job interview in my life. They were disrespectful to me.

Comments I was told: (these I will never forget)

“I have seen your test results. It was good, but with your experience you could have done it better” (I got an 89% on an online coding test)

“I am very disappointed in you” (literal)
(after a test workday at their office. I wonder how he could be disappointed on somebody he is interviewing, on top of that what authority he has to speak to me in that way)

These people do not deserve running a company or to be responsible for any other employee. Probably they treat their employees as bad as they treat their applicants. My only advice to you is not to waste your time here.

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    Qimia GmbH
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    Sankt Augustin
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    Data Scientist
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