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Great room for personal growth together with the company.

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I am working with the SZAIDEL COSMETIC GmbH in the QM department for almost 3 months. Till now my overall experience is very positive and I genuinely like going to work. Let me highlight some of the strong points of the company that satisfied me with my new job.
- Investment in Employee Development:
To enhance the skills of the employee, the organization is offering in-house as well as external training individually and in a group. Certainly, I will join some certified courses from TÜV and DGQ in the upcoming months. That will really help me to strengthen my profile. In addition, my supervisor is making arrangement for in-house german learning course. So, as a foreigner, I won't feel a language barrier in the future.
- Company future:
The revenue of the company is gradually increasing from 2014, even in time of COVID pandemic, the company manages to reach the target in the first quarter of 2020. In addition, new recruitment is constant. It shows the company has a great capability to become a leading manufacturer in the area of cosmetic.


The working atmosphere is energetic and rewarding.


Personally I feel that communication from bottom level to top management and vice versa is very structured, which leads to sharing of your ideas and opinion very easily with the management board. For example every Friday, our team has a direct meeting with the CEO to discuss current topics and ongoing issues.


My supervisor and colleagues are really kool and all like to discuss their thoughts. All the projects and tasks completed by open feedback and rewards. I have received nice compliments on my work ethics.


I see the great room for personal growth and that keeps me motivated towards the work.



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Melanie DiedrichHuman Resources

Dear colleague,

thank you for taking the time to communicate your feedback. We are pleased to read that you are satisfied with Szaidel Cosmetic GmbH as an employer and feel comfortable in your current position. Thank you for appreciating our investment in employee development as well as our overall communication process. We are looking forward to a long and successful cooperation with you.

Best regards
Your HR team