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Ambiguity, double standards, cannot recommend it anymore.

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Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung bei uberall GmbH gearbeitet.

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The office. My manager. My team.

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That uberall is neglecting the risky situation that very knowledgeable colleagues are leaving the company.


If you want smart people to follow you be a leader, be honest, reliable, fair and open.


For one team it seems that the leader first destroys the current team and then rebuild completely new.
The company should doubt that such thing is only related to having hired wrong colleagues it is related to doubtful leadership within the team.


Good things are spread, but only a very minor part really seem to feel and act according to them. Communication is the one thing turning it into reliable action the other.


One star less because I do not trust working with the HR department anymore, the other star for the rest.


People start working less than they did before to my knowledge.


Continuously knowledge is painfully leaving and the Management is either neglecting it or pass the buck to the leaving people.
The company is splitted. I learned that the company pretends that constructive feedback is welcome and I also learned that exactly those who say it is welcome do not behave like this.
HR implements a good and bad colleague mentality. Our HR Leadership tends to act according to double standards.
HR Management must learn to not spreads confidential things in meetings about colleagues and survey results and to not talk insultingly about colleagues and their weaknesses.


Good and bad colleague mentality is implemented.


Very loud and annoying due to again ongoing construction.
Generally very nice office with everything you need.


It is more trying, but ok.


There is a budget and as far as I know colleagues are using it.
For me very unclear is the Org Chart and structure and how decisions are made for promotions. This turns out to be quite random since the last couple of months.

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