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Not good, not bad, but sad

Nicht empfohlen
Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat zum Zeitpunkt der Bewertung bei uberall GmbH gearbeitet.

Gut am Arbeitgeber finde ich

My team and the whole Uberall family.
Besides all difficulties we like each other and backup each other.

Schlecht am Arbeitgeber finde ich

Bad behavior and thinking is making its way through the whole company.
Let people do their job and step back, enable and set strategy. Say thank you and really mean it!!


Acknowledge the people who build this with you and transport that thinking to the newbies.
Not just say you care, but care (again) and make it great again.


Management seem to not work together anymore. Well working team spirit from the past tends to not be present in the management team anymore.
New ones on upper level are added, but that tends to not work out well. That you feel in the whole company.


Communication is not good, but management acknowledges that and is trying to fix. That must be acknowledged.


In my team I feel good. We know and like each other. Generally over the whole company I feel good, but Uberall must become aware of the fact that lots of people worry about finger pointing and losing team spirit and collaboration which worked perfectly in the past. The situation leads to frustration and no decision making anymore.


Pressure with too less acknowledgement.
We have some really good and amazing Managers some being part of Uberall for a long time. But overall Uberall suffers from the situation in the management Team already described above.
Recent management adding in HR seems to no be a personal and cultural fit.
Some doubtlessly doubtful statements and actings leaves colleagues irritated and with questions on if she is an appropriate fit for a position were honesty and trustworthiness is incredibly important.
Monitoring her acting seems as if the company started to promote to care for oneself. I know Uberall different! People, happiness, mutual respect were considered important, Management cared.
I want to advice the new HR MGMT to be conscious about what, how and to whom such an important position in the company says what, especially in connection with general happiness survey results.
I do not unterstand why we replace something engaging and trustworthy by this.


Generally Uberall hires woman, man, young and older colleagues. All are treated equally.
The thing is that there is only one woman in the upper management team since years between various men.
A second woman in the management team was recently added. It must be acknowledged that management is aware of that and trying to change it.


Nice office. Benefits are present and well sorted out. Office MGMT cares. Only ceveat is the not working aircon that made it hard to survive for some weeks this year. Information was regular on that. Problem is solved meanwhile.


Do not know anything about it.


Packages are good as far as I know.


Was very good in the past.


It is hard to make career. No existing strategy leads to intransparent opportunities that TLs doesn’t know about and do not/ cannot guide on.


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