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Great product and very nice co-workers, however I felt a lack of company-wide communication and flow of information

Ex-Angestellte/r oder Arbeiter/inHat bis 2018 im Bereich IT gearbeitet.


Focus more on internal aspects of working together and processes.

I heard recently there was a change in the development team structure becoming cross-functional and vertical which I think is a really good idea.


In general the atmosphere was good, everyone was friendly and there was absolutely no bullshit like bullying or gossiping behind people's back (like I've experienced myself and heard of in other companies).


Communication is one of the main reasons why I decided to leave. There are several aspects on different levels.

When I started about a year and a half ago there didn't seem to be a clearly communicated road map or plan of what's next, at least nothing I could refer back to. It wasn't clear where priorities came from probably because most of them were talked about behind closed doors by the "management team" which meant there was not really a way to provide feedback early on. I'm not sure whether this was intentional or just a lack of awareness that it's important to encourage feedback in order make employees feel more than just a cog in the wheel. Usually things got communicated after the fact when it doesn't really make sense anymore to provide feedback.

Communication between and even inside the product development teams (product owners, backend, frontend, ...) was also less than ideal. Too often it wasn't clear whether an issue reported by the customer care team, a new feature or an internal performance improvement had what priority, sometimes because context and scope was missing, sometimes because people didn't communicate with relevant stakeholders.


Everyone in the company was friendly and there was absolutely no bullshit like bullying or bitching about people behind their back (like I've experienced myself and heard of in other companies).

In my team however we had a rocky start because everyone had strong opinions on things and we didn't really know each other yet. Nevertheless we tried to keep it professional but productivity suffered a bit at times. Eventually we got it together though and productivity improved. Our team lead introduced 1-on-1 feedback sessions and there is a good possibility they helped with that.


In my previous job I learned to value my spare time and let work be work which was absolutely no problem in this company. I never felt any pressure to work overtime. The customer care team however seemed to do that constantly but I didn't have enough insight to know why that was.


As people the C-level guys and my team lead were genrally friendly and laid-back.

But a few times I experienced things that I don't consider professional when it comes to leading people or a team.

And in general there was not really something like a culture or a mindset noticeable of how to improve internally like working together or developing processes or investing in people. Again, I doubt that this was intentional, there was probably just no awareness.

Interessante Aufgaben

There were of course always more or less challenging tasks but I rarely contributed outside of my core role and I didn't feel like I really had any influence on product development.


I had the chance to work with a very experienced software developer, and although we didn't hit it off right away I eventually valued his professional input.

Besides that I didn't really see a concept of employee development.