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Visual Meta GmbH Erfahrungsbericht

  • 10.Nov. 2016
  • Mitarbeiter
  • Mit Arbeitgeber-Kommentar

A Rocky road



Management decisions were often intransparent, this lead to confusion, misunderstandings and a strange atmosphere


Decisions were often made intransparently and ad hoc. Communication was often missing.


  • The company has gone through some rough times in the last couple of months. Around 20 % of the employees had to leave the company and were fired in quite a haste. That the company was struggling was not communicated beforehand, so nobody was prepared for the round of layoffs. Unfortunately the management has not learned about the mistakes. Communication is still often unclear and HR-decisions are often made in non transparent ways. Your work highly depends on your direct manager as decisions of daily tasks are not made in a standardized way in the different departments and teams. To me it often seemed as you’d have to have luck and pick a good day: does the thumb go up or down? The people in managing positions are mostly untrained people, who do they job out of the blue, a constant training did not seem to be demanded. It is a good company if you want to get a first glimpse in the e-commerce-sector, but if you actually want to develop your skills (even though it is stressed by the MDs, for me in “real life” it did not seem to be appreciated if you were ambitious, as said above, maybe I had bad luck with my direct managers), you will quickly have to look for another company.
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    Visual Meta GmbH
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    Ex-Job seit 2016
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Kommentar des Arbeitgebers

Dear former Visual Metan, Thank you for your feedback, in which you also point out several critical aspects. Some of those topics are mentioned in other posts as well. Therefore, I would like to provide some general background by giving insights on the challenges Visual Meta faced mid 2016 and how we handled them. Since the foundation of the company in 2009, Visual Meta grew significantly and profitably every year (the company was profitable after the first year and still is). In 2015 – the seventh record year in a row - we continued to drive our international growth by entering additional new markets and reinforcing the overhead structure of the company. However, mid 2016, we had to realize that growth was below expectations, especially in the most profitable channels and in the younger markets. We had to take the (hard) decision to close countries and slim down the overhead structure in order to keep the company healthy. This was a very difficult situation for all us. We tried to manage the dismissals as carefully as possible, but of course it remained a tough time for everyone. Looking back, we have to admit that especially the internal communication left room for improvement. In the aftermath of the events, we kicked off an initiative focusing on culture and internal processes (next to other changes) in order to develop the company further and we are already reaping the benefits from this. All-in all, I can say that Visual Meta has matured noticeably over the last 6 to 8 months. In addition, our situation has improved significantly. In fact, 2016 was another record year in terms of revenue. I am confident we are back on track and will continue to grow profitably. Is there still room for improvement? Certainly. And we will continue to work hard to improve things. That’s why we are still looking for people who want to help us shape the future of this company for the better. Best regards, Johannes Kotte (Managing Director)

Josephine Hauch
Sr. Recruiting Manager
Visual Meta