24th Street Healthcare Associates LLC: What's it like to work here?

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The company is the best I have ever worked with it fully supports workers has conducive environment

EmployeeWorked in Human resources/recruiting at the time of review.

What I like

The company is located at a well known place it treats employees equally the payments are also of well standard conducive environment friendly workers and managers their is also allowances free meals also you are given leave it is awesome working with the company

What I dislike

The working hours also technology is not that good less employees

Suggestions for improvement

Increase the number of employees also automotive they should also improve the method of communication and transport also keep the environment clean

Company Culture

Am fully favoured

Internal Communication

They are very active and they communicate fully and well with employees


They set time for interaction and also advice workers to be honest

Work-Life Balance

Yes they fully care

Support from management

Yes theirs is full support

Freedom to work independently

They give trust to their employees since they work without supervision

Inclusive / Diverse

Yes it values diversity

Gender Equality

Yes women are treated fairly

Attitude towards older colleagues

Yes older employees are favoured due to their experience

Office / Work Environment

Yes the working place is conducive

Environmental Friendliness


Handicapped Accessibility

The facilities favour all people around

Workplace Safety

The environment is very clean

Overall compensation for your work

Yes it is fair and open

Company Image

Am proud to work with my present employer since he is honest and treats us well

Career Development

High opportunity growth

Challenging Work

It was a nice time working with the company

Job Security