24th Street Healthcare Associates LLC: What's it like to work here?

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My experience at the work place is awesome since their is everything you need in the working place

EmployeeWorked in Human resources/recruiting at the time of review.

What I like

The company is centerly located hence easy to access also it gives allowances also the management are cooperative and offer full support to employees their is also leave and breaks and you are insured the company is the best place to work i can't think of moving to any other company because this company is all everyone aspire to work in

What I dislike

The only negative things with the company is long working hours but you are paid for and small play ground for practice

Suggestions for improvement

Reduce the working hours purchase a bigger play ground and also offer heavy meals

Company Culture

I feel good

Internal Communication

It communicated well and politely to employees


It encourages and also gives breaks for interaction

Work-Life Balance

It provides everything conducive

Support from management

The management offer full support to its employees

Freedom to work independently

Employees work without supervision

Inclusive / Diverse

It encourages diversity

Gender Equality

Women are treated fairly due to consideration

Attitude towards older colleagues

Older employees are treated fairly and offered more freedom due to their experience and respect

Office / Work Environment

The environment is very conducive to work you can't get bored

Environmental Friendliness

It recycles waste after use to keep the environment clean

Handicapped Accessibility

The facilities are built in that it favours all the people including the handicapped

Workplace Safety

The environment is secure and safe

Overall compensation for your work

Yes it is fair and appealing

Company Image

Very proud but aiming higher

Career Development

They provide career opportunities

Challenging Work

It was not that challenging it was good

Job Security