360 Healthcare Staffing LLC: What's it like to work here?

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My experience with my company has been very challenging and each day I learn things that always keep me ahead and booste

EmployeeWorked in Finance at the time of review.

What I like

It has always been a positive experience for me. We are specialist in healthcare products so the company made it their responsibility in training us to becoming the best we can be around our field

What I dislike

There is really no part I disagree with just for the fact that I want both young and old employees should be given a fair chance in experiencing theirselve

Suggestions for improvement

We should improve in the digital aspect of the company and always spend time on the necessary things that can move the company towards greater height

Company Culture

My company is greatly one of the best base on their loyalty programs in bettering the lives of their employees

Internal Communication

I can communicate with employees and share different ideals that can lead in the progress of our work force


that is a great policy within the organization working to achieve great deal of possibility

Work-Life Balance

my job provides a suitable work life balance for all employee and we are highly up to the task

Support from management

I always receive support for my effort and hardwork

Freedom to work independently

my company trust us to work independently because their main focus is for us achieving results at the end of the day

Inclusive / Diverse

diversity is highly valued within our organization and employees are treated base on what they can bring to the table

Gender Equality

Women are treated fairly within our organization and they are given a fair chance to express their self

Attitude towards older colleagues

older employees are given the opportunity to express theirselve and show their self worth

Office / Work Environment

They working environment is very condone and very serenity

Environmental Friendliness

togetherness is highly demonstrated within the working staffs

Handicapped Accessibility

there are no facility for the handicapped

Workplace Safety

there is a maintainance if a safe working environment for all staff

Overall compensation for your work

the compensation is fairly rewarded to all employee

Company Image

I am very proud and happy to work for my current company base on the every day experience

Career Development

there are career opportunities and goals to achieve within the organization I my positions

Challenging Work

My job is very time consuming one of the most challenging professions but the cheque keeps me happy

Job Security