AARP: What's it like to work here?


To serve and not to be served. AARP does good for all.

EmployeeWorked in Human resources/recruiting at AARP in Washington at the time of review.

Company Culture

Strong leadership at the top promoting the vision of our future work while maintaining accountability for current work. Promotes the idea of "failing forward". Okay to fail in your search for success.

Internal Communication

Very good within departments and goal setting to align work with company goal, but sometimes you have to wait for all staff functions to find out what other departments are doing.


Strong throughout the organization both within departments and across departments.

Work-Life Balance

Had been better in the past. They try, but have left much of the job of "work life balance" of staff to the individual managers rather than at corporate level policies which has lead to some inconsistency in application. Does have a great 4 week paid time off called "Renewal" for those who successfully compete 7 years of work at AARP.

Support from management

Management is quite open and responsive to staff requests and is good in explaining the rational for decision making and is available to offer advice.

Freedom to work independently

Tools and training are provided to allow staff to work in a less supervised atmosphere.

Inclusive / Diverse

Currently very diverse and increasing diversity all the time. Support and inclusion of employees is extremely good.

Gender Equality

Another strong positive for AARP.

Attitude towards older colleagues

AARP walks their talk and hires at all ages. The attitude, is if you can do the job, you can do the job regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity.

Office / Work Environment

The offices are nice. There used to be more flexibility in working remotely than there is currently for some. However, managers try to be as accommodating as possible from my experience.

Environmental Friendliness

We do generate a lot of paper material, but are moving as much as we can to digital in order to reach out to our members and staff.

Workplace Safety

Building security has been improved and managers/HR does a good job of trying to administering policies for good workplace safety.

Overall compensation for your work

For a not for profit company, the pay is pretty good. There are very good benefits though that are not consistently offered by other companies. Paid time off for family care and also for community service are two of them.

Job Security

While job security at any company is never guaranteed, AARP does try to offer staff many professional growth training opportunities to allow the staff a chance to grow with the company. Good work is often rewarded.

Company Image

Top notch organization. Does good for millions whether through assisting in medical research or forming/protecting social policy that serves as a safety net for all. Proud to work here.

Career Development

Employees are encouraged by their managers to attend conferences or other networking events, and are provided lots of training/learning opportunities from in house courses, to tuition reimbursement.

Challenging Work

While many of AARP's social mission goals are long term, the work that is needed to achieve them typically provides for a challenging work experience. AARP encourage staff to challenge themselves and be innovative in the work they do.

Handicapped Accessibility