AARP: What's it like to work here?


Good social mission organization with resources to implement plans. Excellent total compensation/benefits package.

EmployeeWorked in Human resources/recruiting at AARP in Washington, D.C. at the time of review.

What I like

Social mission and everyone is on board with that!! Dedicated, smart people. Great benefits.

What I dislike

Approval processes can be cumbersome. Lack of ability to telework more often.


Sometimes collaboration can go too far and slow down the process... Sometimes we get in our own way. It can, at times, be challenging to work cross-team or enterprise.

Work-Life Balance

There are great policies in place to help with this! Two examples are "Back-up Care" and Caregiving Leave. Unfortunately, some of them (like telework) are dependent upon the group you work for and not all groups have the same standards.

Support from management

My direct managers have generally been supportive. Like you would expect, it depends on your manager's style.

Freedom to work independently

Mixed bag. Some things I can work independently, and others are managed closely and require approvals, even for seemingly simple items.

Office / Work Environment

Beautiful building with lovely amenities. Unfortunately, at the same time this was put into place, most workers below director level were placed into cubes (most had offices prior to the renovation).

Handicapped Accessibility

Seems to have everything needed, including most training is compliant.

Workplace Safety

Guards. Good safety and contingency team.

Job Security

Better than my last employer but still, there is downsizing and re-organization.

Challenging Work

I have been afforded the opportunity to learn many new things. There is some favoritism displayed in the assignment of cross-cutting projects,

Company Culture

Internal Communication

Inclusive / Diverse

Gender Equality

Attitude towards older colleagues

Environmental Friendliness

Overall compensation for your work

Career Development