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We Are kununu

Leveling The Playing Field

For far too long, newly minted employees have had what we all know as the "first day surprise".

This "surprise" happens when the reality of a workplace diverges, often negatively, from the cultivated outward perception of a company. Our mission is to keep that from happening.

Transparency, fueled by data, is the lifeblood of kununu. No matter who you are or what your position is, kununu can help you bring harmony and insight to your workplace.


How We Got Here

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With over a decade of company data we have an unparalleled platform where employees and employers can exchange meaningful discourse and we do this in two ways:

On one side we help job seekers get visibility into what life is like at a company before they decide to apply or join there.

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On the other side we help companies understand how they are performing across a number of key dimensions of work life, while providing a platform for showcasing their culture and content. Learn more on our resource page built for HR professionals.

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