ABRA Auto Body & Glass (Brooklyn Park, MN / United States): What's it like to work here?

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Terrible place to work

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Finance at ABRA Auto Body & Glass (Brooklyn Park, MN / United States) in Wilmington, NC until 2012.

Suggestions for improvement

Oversight of management and appropriate training to maximize employee retention and improve employee working environment

Company Culture

Tense and stressful culture with constant micromanaging and no recognition or praise for a job well done.

Internal Communication

Limited communication and unclear lines regarding reporting heirarchy and departmental management. Obsessive micromanaging by senior management.


Employees encouraged to compete against one another rather than to work collectively as a team

Work-Life Balance

Inflexible schedule expectation to be constantly available and very little flexibility with requests for sick and/or vacation time.

Support from management

Disorganized, tense and contentious, condescending, unhealthy working environment

Gender Equality

Male dominated and repressive towards females.

Office / Work Environment

Contentious environment, unclean, unsafe and ill kept. No regard for employee well being or safety.

Overall compensation for your work

Subpar wages and limited benefits

Job Security

No sense of job stability

Career Development

No training or career advancement opportunity

Challenging Work

No recognition of employee accomplishments or milestones.

Freedom to work independently

Inclusive / Diverse

Attitude towards older colleagues

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Company Image