Accurate Brazing: What's it like to work here?

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Small, yet Growing in areas with a focus on the "Big Picture"

Former EmployeeWorked in Administration at Accurate Brazing in Greenville.

What I like

The interaction that is available to both internal as well as external customers.

What I dislike

1) Even though the company offers a 401K plan, the company does not contribute anything; 2) there is not a Human Resources department should one feel that something needs to be addressed.

Suggestions for improvement

Communication and more consideration on including specific personnel when decisions are being made that can potentially affect a role that one plays within their assigned job.

Company Culture

Accurate Brazing (AB) looks out for its employees; however, the main objective is to support its customers and to take care of their needs. They are the reason we have purpose in the job place. Making your customers happy leads to the "Bread and Butter" that feeds you!

Internal Communication

I find that "Communication" is an important factor that gets overlooked in many situations. If communication is not shared properly or not shared at all, then this tends to start the process of a "breakdown" in the system.


For the most part, I found that the majority of my coworkers were willing to assist others in a time of need.

Work-Life Balance

Accurate Brazing encourages its employees to maintain a healthy balance between ones personal life and their work life. However, because AB is a small company and cross training is limited, there have been rare occasions in accommodating that balance.

Support from management

Depending on the uniqueness of individual situations, management tended to be very supportive.

Freedom to work independently

Accurate Brazing is very good about trusting the employees to work independently or within a team atmosphere without micromanaging.

Inclusive / Diverse

Accurate Brazing tends to be inclusive of hiring a variety of people; however, one might perceive that the treatment/handling of certain people would be handled totally different than others.

Gender Equality

No comment

Attitude towards older colleagues

I have found that overall, the company and former coworkers had a positive/neutral attitude towards older colleagues. And, if something needed to be addressed with an older colleague (positive or negative), they would have been dealt with just as fairly/equally as anyone else would have been.

Office / Work Environment

In general, the office/work environment was comfortable and easy to work in.

Environmental Friendliness

Even though chemicals, gases, etc. are used within the workplace, steps are taken by following OSHA guidelines, which aids in making it a more environmentally friendly atmosphere.

Handicapped Accessibility

Although there was handicap parking available along with ramps, I feel that height availability regarding countertops for a wheelchair-bound person could be a potential area for improvement.

Workplace Safety

Identifying safety labels and signs are used within the workplace to warn others of a potential hazard. Also, as stated above, steps are in place to follow OSHA guidelines regarding safety.

Overall compensation for your work


Job Security

The company provided continued job security even though there had been a recent decline within the industry.

Company Image

Accurate Brazing has the unique expertise, capacity and equipment to support the needs of its customers.

Career Development

I feel that this is an area that will get better as the company continues to grow.

Challenging Work

I loved that my job kept me challenged by knowing that there was plenty of work to keep me busy on a day-to-day basis. And, when gaining new customers from different walks of life, it would be a challenging process by having to learn their specific requirements.