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  • Dec 22, 2015

For want of a process

company ACF Technologies
City Asheville, NC
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Former job since 2015
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  • Fire the management team and search for a CEO that can run a business.

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Paychecks always came on time

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ACF bills itself as a process improvement company; however, it does not take long to recognize that their own lack of business processes create financial hardship for the company, stress for the employees, and contributes to a constant sense of crisis.

When you first begin you will find people welcoming and eager to help. A number of your co-workers will be extremely sharp and show themselves to be some of the few hard workers that really keep the office, and projects, moving. Many of the people you will meet are genuine and have some serious talent for their domain of knowledge. Unfortunately, these factors alone do not lend themselves to a smoothly operating culture or business.

Once you hit the ground running, and you will as there is next to zero training offered, you will begin to see the cracks in the façade. Hiring and firing decisions are consistently grounded in emotion, and the hiring of friends and family has become the norm rather than the exception. You will soon discover a culture of manipulation, misleading, and redirection for both customers and staff.

Communication, as well, is near non-existent with one example being a company-wide reset of domain credentials with zero communication before, during, or after the event. In the long term you will find that feedback for improvement, from the singular employee up to the department level, is simply ignored or drawn out to the point of never happening.

Finally, you will notice the high turnover rate, 30%+ in the last year or so, and the fact no employee leaves the company amicably but rather is sent off, whether fired or otherwise, with a "good riddance" attitude and eventual blame-shifting.

All of that said, ACF can be a springboard to a better paying position if you have interest in the technology field. There are some genuine people with real talent on display, though they tend not to make a career of the company. Ultimately, ACF has no vision and no soul. There is one primary underlying motive and that is profit for the owners.

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