ACI Technology Corp: What's it like to work here?

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Staff Accountant, part-time

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Finance until 2015.

What I like

The employer is a nice person but not very good to manage business too old fashion he led the business back to 30 years ago.

What I dislike

No computer software at work, the Excel was at least five years behind.

Suggestions for improvement

No comment

Company Culture

This company does computer business with big corps however there is no computerized tech in the office setting. As if everyone had had worked in 60s, the company is very secrecy, if I ask a very common question for instance there is a company that current we communicate with as I new comers there I asked the owner's wife if the company are the same. Instead of answer my question she just said it was a good question you better asked the boss. Sometimes I also caught her liar, perhaps she lied so often and forgot what she said before. If you take your career serious don't waste your time there.

Internal Communication

Poor communication between
staffs and management.


Colleagues were friendly, but since there was no computer in work everything was manual so it was so easy to make mistake.

Work-Life Balance

Since the office was no computer software, so it is very boring and no challenging in works.

Inclusive / Diverse


Gender Equality

There is no gender discrimination at work.

Attitude towards older colleagues

There is no age discrimination in the office.

Handicapped Accessibility

I don't see any handicap accessibility there

Workplace Safety

very safety to work.

Overall compensation for your work

I work only part-time, and no complain about the pay at all.

Job Security

No financial risk.

Company Image

It is fine to work for a part time job there.

Support from management

Freedom to work independently

Office / Work Environment

Environmental Friendliness

Career Development

Challenging Work