Acosta: What's it like to work here?

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Easy to get hired!

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EmployeeWorked in Distribution/sales at Acosta Inc. in Jacksonville, FL at the time of review.

What I like

Writing my own schedule, plenty of vacation days if full-time. Not required to work in inclement weather. 401k is one of the best matches at 6%. Easy hiring process.

What I dislike

They never give raises. And despite what they say, they don't promote from within.
Medical is to expensive and doesn't cover much. Medical didn't cover mammogram or women's wellness check. Had to pay out of pocket. Some managers are Micro-managers. While you make your own schedule you could get yelled at if they feel your not covering your stores properly, (all Store visits must be made when taking time off, while you can shorten calls to get them in, you must become exhausted before a vacation since your doubling up). You can't take a real vacation week with two weekends, cause the stores must be covered. This means your vacation is a Thursday and Friday and the Monday and Tuesday, and then you'll be exhausted Driving to all your stores trying to get everything covered, They need a vacation person to cover vacations.
Don't like the driving 4 days out of the week I spend 1 & 1/2 hours driving. Mileage check is ok could be better rate. I spend way more in gas than I get from a mileage check. Your location does ping on your tablet, they can even tell if your starting the call in the parking lot, to big brother. some teams are told one thing and another team something else. They need to streamline all rules. Example, Why allow one team to start calls in the parking lot but tell the other team they must be in store. When I first started you could open your calls at home then drive to store within 30 mins,, and leave Store up to half hour early, so you would be getting paid while your driving even tho you weren't getting mileage, now you only get paid drive time, in between two stores if it's more than 30 minutes, don't like that I'm not getting paid for this time. If your part-time they cut your hours down, with no warning. Not a good job for supporting a family, not reliable source of income. Once your cut down to 20 hours, you lose part time insurance benefit, you see.

Suggestions for improvement

Pay raises, promote from within, be family friendly, get a vacation merchandiser for field reps, this person could also be a trainer when not covering vacations. Hiring a coverage merchandiser would go a long way. You are becoming top heavy like most companies and not valuing the worker bees. Why do a review if there are no raises. Reviews are Waste of money right there. Be a single parent friendly company, and offer some true Work at Home positions. Consider Full-time 30 hours or more. You could have Full-time tier 1 with all benefits and 2 weeks vacation, 1week personal and 1 week sick, and Full time tier 2, 30-35 hours per week, with 1 week vacation, 3 personal days 5 sick, and both holiday pay for Thanksgiving and Christmas and floating Christmas. Part time should at least get paid 1 vacation week, sick days and Thanks & Christmas Day.

Workplace Safety

The company only provides basic safety, courses, as a field rep my office is my home.

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