Acute Rehab: What's it like to work here?

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Worst Place I ever worked

Former EmployeeWorked for this company until 2016.

What I like

Good pay. excellent maintenance of working area and equipment.

What I dislike

Staffing was often short and patients were in danger of not receiving timely care due to having up to 9 to one nurse ratio.
Many of the CNAs were incompetent and lazy. The nurse manager played favorites.

Suggestions for improvement

Fire nurse manage and get someone who will make all staff work together and do their jobs.

Inclusive / Diverse

The nurse manager played favorites with the employees.
He did not follow up with what he promised in the hiring interview. There was very poor training with a different preceptor and no follow through with expectations. No support from management once I got on the floor. Half the staff sat around and refused to help or attend to assigned tasks. Complaints to management went unanswered.

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