AdventHealth: What's it like to work here?


Overall, very satisfied with the company. Had confidence in my work, but not much opportunity for me to grow.

Former EmployeeWorked in Logistics/materials management at Adventist Healthcare, Inc. in Gaithersburg, MD.

What I like

Interactions with the on-site nurses and materials management teams allowed a better understanding of who we were working for. The team I worked for was awesome and very close-knit. I could always go to another member of the team for help.

What I dislike

Not much opportunity for growth career wise since the department managers and director were young and recently promoted.

Suggestions for improvement

The policies and culture didn’t need many changes. They had monthly town hall meetings, where they would meet employees requests. There was a great health and wellness team that brought in healthy food and exercise tips and demonstrations. Overall, not much to change here.

Company Culture

Great environment and awesome team. Good location of corporate office

Internal Communication

Email communication. Didn’t hear much from the C-suite however


The supply chain department always worked and interacted with each other. There was an open work space as well

Work-Life Balance

Very flexible work hours, usually 8-5 but could adjust for doctor/personal appointments. Worked on Friday until 3pm

Support from management

Agree, they were confident in my ability, but also knew I could go to them for any issues.

Freedom to work independently

There was not any micromanaging, given tasks and left alone to complete but could ask for help if needed.

Inclusive / Diverse

Completely agree, we had an extremely diverse team.

Gender Equality

Completely agree

Attitude towards older colleagues

Completely agree. Our IT guru was 60 and amazing at her job.

Office / Work Environment

I had everything necessary to complete my job.

Environmental Friendliness

There was a main recycling on every floor but could have been a couple more across the floor.

Handicapped Accessibility

Elevators that were easily accessible.

Workplace Safety

Extremely safe.

Overall compensation for your work

Awesome PTO bank, but no bonuses or great salary increase from year to year.

Company Image

This was the first job I had in my career post college and I loved it.

Career Development

Wasn’t much room for growth as the managers and directors of the department were young.

Challenging Work

A lot of Excel and analysis work

Job Security