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This job is a fairly good job. The pay is competitive for this area. I don’t like the fact I can’t really get overtime.

EmployeeWorked in Administration at Emory Healthcare, Inc. in Atlanta, GA at the time of review.

What I like

I like that people really respect the company. People really have playthings to say. I came in and I’m doing pretty well in my position. People here are kind and helpful. This is a learning hospital so there are ways to expand you just haven’t research them. The doctors here a great and approachable unlike some other hospitals I have worked for. I don’t like the fact they look down on overtime but I guess that keeps you from being overworked. I think they do honor the request of there employees being the changed the dress code policy in favor of the employee.

What I dislike

I do disapprove of the overtime policy’s I think they should reorganize there training for ER.

Suggestions for improvement

I would encourage a better onboard for new ER employers. I think overtime should be available. I think you should be able to transfer early depending on the situation.

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