AdventHealth: What's it like to work here?


I have been with the company over 15 years. We have gone from a "family" atmosphere to a very corporate atmosphere

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EmployeeWorked at Adventhealth Zephyrhills in Zephyrhills North, FL at the time of review.

What I like

I love it when I first started there. It was like a big family. By the second day on the job Linda, who worked in the cafeteria, knew your name and where you where working. She never forgot a name and she knew everybody. Always smiling and happy. Usually won the Easter bonnet contest every year but nobody cared because her "bonnets" were always fun.

What I dislike

As a healthcare facility our job is to care for the sick not to cater to the families. I had a patient refuse to go to ICU because her husband couldn't stay with her in ICU. She was in her mid 50's,stable and not in any imminent danger. I looked up from desk later that day to find the husband out in the hallway in HIS bathrobe. we go into patient rooms all the time and find family members in the bed with the patients. It makes it very difficult to give patients the care they need. I understand the need to treat the "whole" patient and that its different for new babies/parents and children but I don't understand the culture where it is ok for the families to move in with the patients when they in the hospital. I wish we had some better guidelines for this type of thing. I wish we focused more on treating the patients instead of the satifaction survey mailed to the unhappy family member who wanted the nurse with 6 patients to bring her 5 visiting friends a cup of coffee.

Suggestions for improvement

I would get and try and retain adequate quality staffing. Safe nursing/cna to patient ratios would be nice also.

Company Culture

Not a lot of teamwork going on right now

Internal Communication

Unfortunatley they communicate with us very frequently


we seem to be having a mass exidus right now so co-workers are not necessarily working well together

Work-Life Balance

You can choose to work overtime or not

Support from management

New manangment so we will see

Freedom to work independently

We are micro managed

Inclusive / Diverse

Independant thinking is not necessarily encouraged even though we are told it is

Gender Equality

men and womem are treated the smae

Attitude towards older colleagues

Some of the "older" employees have been let go but I feel it is more to do with their length of employment rather than age

Office / Work Environment

work areas are adequate

Environmental Friendliness

Starting recycling in the 3-4 years

Handicapped Accessibility

very handicapped accessible. We are a hospital after all

Workplace Safety

we get LOTS of training

Overall compensation for your work

Until 2 months ago people with my qualifications who worked less than 20 miles from but for the same company but different hospital made more money that I did

Job Security

As stable as any other job

Company Image

It's a job

Challenging Work

My work can be challanging most days

Career Development