AdventHealth: What's it like to work here?


Overall average compared to other hospitals even though seen as top hospital in the state. Could use improvement.

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, GA at the time of review.

What I like

Coworkers are great!

What I dislike

Lack of management support, lack of security and resources.

Suggestions for improvement

Listen to and implement staff suggestions when comes to better patient care ie safety and quality. Better security for staff and patients. Dont keep adding tasks without taking something else away or giving time or staff to accomplish tasks.

Internal Communication

Inefficient incomplete ans or duplicative at times


Co workers are great working together...ans have to because managment keeps asding more tasks to workloas without giving the time or resources to assist.

Work-Life Balance

Hard aa a nightshifter ....a shift can be 13 to 16 hours long. Emory utilizes nurses in multiple roles ie as techs and required to serve on a commitee, staff meetings and monthly required education keeps one from adequate work life balance.

Support from management

When staff make suggestions to improve patient care and safety they listen but don't implement. Often make judgements and assumptions without having or investigating all info involved.

Freedom to work independently

Upper management on occasion to audit/ follows nurses and techs around to make sure they are doing hand hygiene and doing bedside report. Give staff scripts of what to say /not say to patients.

Office / Work Environment

Nurse and tech phones can sometimes jeopardize patient info...or hang up on you when speaking to other staff or patient or family member...other equipment Could be better quality.having tele techs on another floor isnt helpful

Environmental Friendliness


Workplace Safety

Have 2 guards but only one carries a metal detectors at entrances and exits...have had theft occur in parking areas at night. Security response needs to be better. Patient was assaulted by family member once and security didnt respond, stated to call police.

Overall compensation for your work

Lower compared to area hospital systems. But do offer HSA and company match.

Job Security

Experienced nurses in healthcare are generally in high demand as difficult for hospitals to attract and retain...

Company Image

Reputation in community has top hospital in Georgia

Career Development

Have a clinical ladder but outside of that it can be political at times.

Challenging Work

Higher acuity patients keep one on your toes and changing technology..upper management also loads more tasks on nurses and staff often without always adequate support or time to accomplish...

Company Culture

Inclusive / Diverse

Gender Equality

Attitude towards older colleagues

Handicapped Accessibility