AdventHealth: What's it like to work here?


It has been great so far working for Emory. I have had the opportunity to be a better employee and be productive.

EmployeeWorked in Human resources/recruiting at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, GA at the time of review.

What I like

I had the opportunity to go on training about career development, got relevant certifications that helped boost my career. The company took care of the expenses, I got promoted and my paycheck wasincreased

What I dislike

Sometimes, employees are made to work overtime (this doesn't happen often). Employing more people would help lessen the workload.

Suggestions for improvement

Like I said earlier, employing more efficient people will help lessen the workload.

Company Culture

We are a diverse workforce that comprises of people from different ethnic groups. We try to imbibe the culture of acceptance regardless of physical appearance, race, gender, or religion. Emory Healthcare encourages good work ethics, personal and career development.

Internal Communication

Employees are sent weekly updates via emails about company news, mission


Employees work well together to the benefit of the company. Anyone that flouts it gets fired.

Work-Life Balance

Employees close from work early enough to be with their family

Support from management

My manager is always willing to help me do my job better

Freedom to work independently

Not all the time. This not avoid going against any of the company's policies

Inclusive / Diverse

Employees opinions are respected and welcomed

Gender Equality

Women get to the top positions

Attitude towards older colleagues

We have quite a number of them in the company

Office / Work Environment

It is very important to the company

Environmental Friendliness

Being a healthcare facility has made this very important

Handicapped Accessibility

The company has this as a priority

Workplace Safety

Training and workshops are conducted quarterly in this regard

Overall compensation for your work

I have no complaints about it

Company Image

It has given me the opportunity to develop and grow career-wise

Career Development

We are given the opportunity for professional development

Challenging Work

It is very challenging finding the right candidates that understand the company's mission.

Job Security