AdventHealth: What's it like to work here?


Emory is a great starter company for African Americans Unfortunately it’s only so high we can go. Get experience and go!

EmployeeWorked in Administration at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, GA at the time of review.

What I like

When tragedy hit my family i was concerned about my job and the amount of time i needed off. I was able to be out of work for a few months and get paid. Emory was very supportive. Also with my medical conditions, they are very understanding and allow me time when needed.

What I dislike

I think we should get paid for Holidays without it coming out of our PTO. Especially since we don’t have the option to work them. Also, i think the hint of racism has to go. There are lots of African Americans in the company who could take higher leadership roles and excel at them, and ultimately improve the company. There is like an underlying fear of black people succeeding here.

Suggestions for improvement

I would make everything uniformed. Emory has general policies and procedures, but they vary by department. No department operates the same.

Company Culture

Culture varies between departments

Freedom to work independently

Depends on the manager/department

Overall compensation for your work

Emory pays significantly less than its counterparts in Atlanta

Company Image

It’s not a bad company, i just think i can do better

Career Development

This is hit or miss. But after a certain point theres a cap on how high you can go. Unfortunately, African Americans have less growth opportunities

Challenging Work

Once you learn the systems everything is easy

Internal Communication


Work-Life Balance

Support from management

Inclusive / Diverse

Gender Equality

Attitude towards older colleagues

Office / Work Environment

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Job Security