AdventHealth: What's it like to work here?


The Adventist are overall probably one of the best companies I have worked for.b

Former EmployeeWorked at Adventist Health System Sunbelt Healthcare Corporation in Altamonte Springs, FL.

What I like

I have met some wonderful co-workers here. They also do care about the employees and think of us at Christmas. They are very supportive of keeping their employees on the right track with Wellness. Overall a great place.

What I dislike

Better Middle Management. Need better equipment and supplies.

Suggestions for improvement

They need to provide better Healthcare for the employees and do a 401k match after one year. You have to wait three years.

Company Culture

Good Company to work for. They do care about their employees. Health benefits could be better though. Not the best 401k match.

Internal Communication

Co-workers were good. Better intermediate Management needed.


You are fine as long as you don't get Management upset. Upper-Level Management however does seem to care about the employees.

Work-Life Balance

Work life balance is good

Support from management

Middle Management not so much. Probably the individual.

Freedom to work independently

Great Co-Workers

Inclusive / Diverse

They engage in several Team Building activities during the year that encourages everyone to participate.

Gender Equality

Fair employment opportunities

Attitude towards older colleagues

Not really sure

Office / Work Environment

This is one area that they need to work on for employees.

Environmental Friendliness


Handicapped Accessibility

Very accommodating

Workplace Safety

Good training

Overall compensation for your work

Compensation is good. Need better health and 401k

Company Image

They are probably one of the best companies to work for in the area and are growing.

Career Development

They promote higher education and learning

Challenging Work

Better staffing needed

Job Security